Thursday, February 27, 2014

A pretty damn good week

Ok, so Monday wasn't anything to brag about. I was feeling good, and decided to finally tackle the emails I'd been ignoring for a few days. Unfortunately I decided that I should have some wine while doing this. Bad decision. I hate to admit this, but drinking wine on the weekdays became a normal thing at some point. I didn't always have to have something to drink, but it's not something I reserved for weekends.

I really just need to not drink. Reasons include: I shouldn't be drinking with the medication I'm on, it makes my anxiety worse, it's a ton of empty calories, and as quoted from Parks and Recreation: 'Wine is crying juice.'  So true. And I smoked actual cigarettes. Bad.

So, skipping over Monday night, the rest of the week has gone pretty well. I've been aggressive and assertive about looking for jobs, updating my resume, and contacting people to open up my networking opportunities. I even bought 2 new shirts that I can totally wear to an interview, and a pair of pants that I can fit into soon enough.

I've also been grocery shopping, cooking, and planning meals so I can really dedicate myself to eating paleo. Once I get into it, I'll have no problem sticking to it (the reason I stopped before was because I got hospitalized and I didn't have the resources while I was held hostage for 6 days). I just need to organize the hell out of the first few days.

Work? check.
Eating healthy? check.

Feeling good? Check!

**planning on going to the gym after I get out of work today, but I keep saying that and not going, so I'm just gonna write this down here and keep thinking it. Think good thoughts for me**

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