Monday, May 12, 2014

Swing Kitten

So, last weekend I was able to turn it all around and have a very successful, busy, and happy weekend.  I'm gonna go ahead and give all props to Jeff and Jacklyn, since they randomly invited me to go swing dancing on Saturday.

Even though I never have anyone who wants to go dancing with me, I love tagging along with them. I get to dance with Jeff a few times and a few strangers. It's always a good time. This time we went to 'Uptown Swing Dance' near Coolidge corner. Even after one night, I am SOLD on this place. The band was great, the lesson was excellent and interesting, and there weren't so many people that we were all bumping into each other. Charleston Swing Central is great, but it was really crowded.  Plus, it didn't hurt that this weekend I asked (and got asked) to dance a lot! Just about every other song I was out there dancing. Everyone was so friendly and totally ok that I was such a newbie. I loved it. I might take some classes with them since they're pretty cheap ($65 for 6 classes), and I'll get to know the community better. They only do these dance nights once a month and I'd like to be in shape for them. (don't know if it's common knowledge, but swing dancing is exhausting ya'll)

And bonus: I can bike there when I get in a little bit better shape. Good, because usually I need a ride after getting of there at midnight; since the buses are erratic, especially at that hour. I'd rather bike 30 minutes to get home than take 3 buses and get home at 1:30.

Bonus bonus: Even though I was unbelievably exhausted and sore on Sunday, I still went out and did a 2 mile run Sunday night.

My mom asked me why I felt like I had to go out and do a run after exhausting myself dancing.

"Because I love it."

It's been awhile since I've been able to say that.

To quote Wil Wheaton: "Everything is really awesome and amazing, and I feel really weird right now."

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