Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day!

Friday finally!  Glorious!

Still going strong with the whole 'no alcohol' thing. Plus, I've been cooking some excellent plaeo meals, and going to the gym more often and with less of a struggle. I'm feeling great, lost a few pounds and I'm fitting into some clothes I hadn't fit into since before my hospitalization. I'm still tempted to pick up some wine after a rough day at work, but a) usually I'm too exhausted to think about walking to the store and getting a bottle...I'm just so spent lately and I'm not sure why, b) I'm essentially gorging myself on seltzer water. Carbonated water...I love it!

And I had a pretty interesting phone call yesterday, I'll have more details next week.

Basically, I'm feeling pretty good. Also, I did my taxes yesterday and it looks like I'm getting a pretty decent refund. REFUND. I haven't gotten a refund since before I married Sean. (turns out you get a refund when you're not working a second job that relies mostly on tips) So in the next few days, goodbye credit card debt! I'll still have to pay all the hospital bills (I finally hit my out of pocket maximum of $2,500, hopefully that'll be it), but at least I can pay those off gradually without interest. And getting rid of credit card debt is going to be such a weight off my shoulders. I've been trying to pay that thing off for years. Finally!

Weight: 208 (my goal is to be under 199 before the cruise in 2 weeks. It's attainable)

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