Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 4 (sort of)

So behind on this...so very behind.

Week 4:

I joined my gym. Luckily I still live in the same city as my alma mater, and I get an alumni discount. Also, I can join at different times, and not have any of those pesky year long contracts or whatever. I pay for however many months I want up front, and I can renew or not. Usually, I only use the gym during the winter months, since I love running outside. Plus, my college's gym is delightful. Huge windows, plenty of group classes, and an indoor running track, among many other things. I simply love going to that gym.

Along with signing up for the membership, I've been cooking almost daily. I haven't been out to eat in about a week, and though I've had a few complete messes (beef goulash...no, never again. Ever), there's been more than a fair share of successes (who knew you could make 'mashed potatoes' out of cauliflower? And that using lettuce cups instead of tortillas somehow makes tacos more delicious? And that after you make a bunch of pesto sauce out of kale, you can FREEZE it in ice cube trays to use for later?? Amazing things you learn when cooking.)

I've been using a lot of paleo recipes, and although I'm not sticking to it 100%, I've had less heartburn and (as long as I stay away from the wine...gosh I love wine) I'm sleeping better and practically deflating in size. 

It almost makes giving up wine worth it.


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