Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Unusual summer clothes

So, if there's something I'm going to need this summer, especially since I've been losing weight and fitting into 'summer' clothes again (201.5...almost out of the 200's), is a whole bunch of lightweight arm warmers.

Yes, arm warmers. And not for the typical reason you'd wear arm warmers.

See, I've got more scars than I like to count up and down both my arms. While I've come to terms with them and don't feel as ugly as I used to, I can always tell when someone sees them and for a split second their face is dark, as they determine whether or not to ask me about them. Usually people are polite enough not to ask, but that split second moment when their face changes is enough to trigger my anxiety and put me in 'fight or flight' mode; as I determine if I need to lie to this person, what lie I should use: 'I work at an animal shelter,' or 'You should see the other guy...haha,' and what not. I know no one is judging me, but I've had strangers (and some friends) who really wanted to know, and just kept pushing me until I had to walk away or tell them very sternly to drop the subject.

Needless to say, I don't want to have to deal with that all summer.  So my solution is arm warmers.  I can make these, by hand, no problem, and as a bonus put on a geek flair to most of them. That way most people will think I'm just a weirdo, and not someone who self injures.

For the most part, these arm warmers are going to have to be opera length (almost up to my shoulder) because my scars are EVERYWHERE. But that's ok, I can modify the ideas I've found pretty easily.  I even have a tutorial. The whole point of this project is that I'll just become someone who wears arm warmers all the time, it'll be weird, but it will be like my superhero costume or something.

Some ideas(in addition to a bunch of single color ones I'm going to make):
X-men inspired

Dr Who - Tardis

This is far too busy - but a Portal theme

Legend of zelda - Link
Dr Who - 4th Doctor

Obviously, I'm not going to be making a heavy knit arm covering, but here's the ideas. This might seem like the WEIRDEST idea I've had in awhile...certainly unconventional. But hey, let's give it a try.

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